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Common function explanation

Heading Hold Mode

Headless mode means that the user can operate the aircraft without having to distinguish directions. This mode is suitable for beginners, or when it is difficult to distinguish the forward and backward direction of the drone.

  1. The headless mode needs to ensure that the front of the drone is consistent with the front of the controller, the controller does not change the direction of the transmitter, and the drone is always in front of the controller.
  2. When the front of the drone is not consistent with the pilot’s front, the drone will lose control or be lost.

Low Battery Alarm

  • When the transmitter in low battery, the transmitter will beep “di-di” constantly to remind the user to return home and replace the batteries of thetransmitter as soon as possible.
  • When the power of the drone will run out, the drone light will continue to “flash and stop “.It means that you must return at this time.
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